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When walking into an archery shop or browsing an archery catalog online it can be mind numbing and time consuming looking through all of the products that are made. Rows and lists of arrows with different sizes and shapes can get confusing to someone who isn’t used to the culture. Of all of the arrow types of bows and crossbows, crossbow broadheads have been here for quiet some time. The innovation of mechanical broadheads have changed how hunters and people who practice archery thought of the art. There are two types of broadheads that people use, the fixed broad head or mechanical one. A fixed broadhead arrow has the sharp edges built into the arrow or customized to be in the inside layer of the blade. The metal doesn’t move and are like regular metal arrows. Mechanical broadheads on the other hand have the same triangular blades made out of metal but the tips can retract. The tips plus corners can move in and out like a pocket knife. They’re tucked into the inside until you shoot your arrow and the point pierces the animal. The points and edges then expand and hook into the animal’s meat to do more damage than a normal arrow can. The best mechanical broadheads have four areas where the tips can expand and retract from. Broadhead brand like swhacker broadheads, nap broadheads, muzzy broadhead, spitfire broadheads, and g5 broadheads all have the base triangle blade frame. It’s the easiest way for the blades to penetrate from all areas in the inside. When looking at a broadhead arrow make sure that it’s made out of aluminum or carbon. These two materials are the lightest and provide the best shooting quality that doesn’t make noise. All of these things are something to think about when looking at mechanical broadhead arrows.