About Colt Manufacturing

Colt’s Manufacturing Company, is an American gun manufacturer founded in 1855. With a history that spans over 160 years, Colt has established itself as one of the most iconic makers of high-quality firearms that the world has ever seen. From the classic M1911 to the timeless AR-15, Colt’s products are trusted by Shooting instructors and competitive firearm owners around the globe for its reliability and craftsmanship. Whether for hunting, target shooting, or personal defense, Colt firearms deliver accuracy and performance time after time. Each and every product is crafted from premium materials and constructed with innovative design and state of the art machining to ensure peak performance in any situation. Every firearm during production gets expertly inspected for quality control; this ensures each user can trust that their Colt firearms will be dependable when they need it most. When you choose Colt, you know you are getting a proven firearms producer that stands behind its products with legendary service. Invest in your future with your own Colt product today!