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Selecting The Best Fishing Jigs

Pro anglers agree that fishing jigs are the most flexible and versatile artificial lures available. They work perfectly for different fish species and in various fishing conditions. As more and more people embrace fishing jigs, new varieties are emerging on the market. They include squid jig, bass jig, ice jig, crappie jig, and swim jigs. The jig types vary in size, shape, weight, and colors to lure the target fish. It is essential to acquire the right jig for your target before your next fishing trip. Here are a few tips for you.

Jig Hooks
Jig hooks vary considerably. Some are made of strong wires, and others light ones bent at an angle on the shank. The length of the hook shank and the diameter are essential factors to consider. You should use the light wire hooks in areas with cribs or brush piles. The light wires also work well with panfish and crappies because they have soft mouths.

You should use the jig hooks with strong wires when targeting northern pike and bass, especially in rocky or weedy fishing areas. The jig hooks are available in black, bronze, and gold colors with the most recent introduction of red-colored ones, which are referred to as bleeding hooks.

The fishing conditions should help you choose the best jig head color. The jigs come in natural, glow, fluorescent, and metallic finishes. Most squid jig and bass jig feature standard colors like black, white, brown, pink, yellow and red. Check different jigs for sale and pick different varieties for fishing in dark, stained and clear waters.

The weight of the fishing jig is perhaps the most significant. Your choice should be determined by the depth of the water and the target fish. Other factors like current speed, velocity, and obstacles. The jig should be heavy to reach the depth of the target fish. You should also note that if it is too heavy, it is likely to sink fast and exceed the desired depth. With this in mind, you can be able to choose the best fishing jig.