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The Best Soft Plastic Lures

Fishing is fun when you have the right fishing supplies. Unfortunately, inexperienced anglers rarely invest in quality fishing tackle for their fishing endeavors. The soft plastics are among the most productive fishing accessories you require. But choosing the best plastic lure can be a tough task as new fishing lures emerge. If you want to discover the best soft baits for your next fishing trip, we have a few tips for you.

Fish Species
The first thing you need is to decide the target fish. This is the first step towards choosing the right soft lure to help you catch the fish. It would be useless to cast trout lures or bass lures when you are chasing after crappies or pike. The manufacturers of soft plastic lures have done their part. They have designed effective lures for catching different fish species. You only need to know your target fish to narrow your options.

Water Clarity
The clarity of the fishing waters is an essential factor. It determines the right type of plastic fishing lures. If the water is relatively clear and the sky is bright, use bright fishing baits. You should select dark lures on cloudy days or when the water is stained. Pink, red shad and chartreuse are the best colors to use on dull days.

The type of water determines the fish that can thrive in it. If you have no idea what fish species to expect, check the clarity of the water. Use natural soft lures for clear water because the fish species that live in clearwater find their food by sight. Murky water fish usually find their food by detecting vibrations, sounds and movements. The quality of your plastic lure and your fishing tactics should match the murky target fish.

Whether you are looking for pike lures or crappie lures, it is essential to buy from reputable sources. The quality of the soft bait determines your chances of successful fishing.