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Why You Need Spoons And Blade Baits

Blade baits provide one of the best ways to catch different fish species regardless of the season. Most people don’t know how blade lures work. Knowing how and when to use blade baits can make or break your fishing endeavor. But we have got you covered. Here are a few tips you need when buying and using spoons and blade baits.

The appearance of the spoon and blade baits is what attracts the target fish in the water. If you want to catch bass, you should choose the bass lures that appeal to them. Pay attention to the size, shape, color, and weight. You also need to try out different spoons and blade baits to identify the most effective for the target fish. When the water temperature is high, use heavy blade baits for walleye. Use light blade baits when fishing in cold water.

Blade Bait Hooks
The sharpness of the hook on the blade is also an essential factor. The fishing bait has to bounce around rocks, sand, stones, and debris in water that could damage the hooks. Although modern-day hooks are much better than the traditional ones, you need to change the hooks regularly. Don’t lose your target because of using dull, damaged or low-quality blade baits.

Spoon Lures
As the name suggests, spoon lures resemble little metal spoons. They attract the target fish because of their shape and shiny appearance. Most fishing spoons come with pronged hooks to catch the fish. They are quite useful due to they reflect light and most fish that feed by sight are attracted to bright objects. Spoons and spinnerbait are more effective when targeting bass and walleye.

Spoons and blade baits are among the most reliable fishing baits. It is advisable to try out a few of them. When buying blade baits, pick those specially designed for the target. Also, ensure you buy from reliable online stores.