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Must-Have Accessories For Bowfishing

Having the right bowfishing tools is essential and can go a long way in making your fishing experience enjoyable. And given the fact that the bow fishing season is almost here, let us talk about the items you need for your bowfishing trip.

Bowfishing Bow
First, you need a bow that is fitted for you. There are two main types of bowfishing bow that you will find in a store: Longbow and recurve bow. If you are bowfishing for long periods, you need to invest in a longbow. Longbows are lightweight, and therefore easy to carry around. Longbows are, however, a little challenging to maneuver in boats. So, if you will be bowfishing in a boat, you will have to buy a recurve bow. Regardless of the bow you choose, obtain the necessary accessory bushings such as a plunger hole, and stabilizer bushing.

Bowfishing Reel
This is another essential component that you will need in your bowfishing gear. There are three types of reels for bowing: drum reel, spin-cast reel, and retriever reel. Go for the one that works well with your bow. The reel you choose should also have different mounting options and should be easy to operate.

Bowfishing Lights
Your bowfishing kit will be incomplete without bowfishing lights. Bowfishing lights will make it easier for you to spot fish easily, especially during nighttime or when bowfishing in dirty and muddy water. The lightweight lights are the best. Ensure they should deliver a shadow-free and wide-range beam. Pick bowfishing lights that are bright with a sturdy design.

Bowfishing requires only a few accessories. But these accessories are necessary for an enjoyable experience. If you want things to be easy and enjoyable, you need to ensure you have the items we have highlighted above.