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Tip For Selecting Fishfinders And Combos

When you are serious about fishing, you don’t want to wait around for fish to get caught. Instead, you want to know where they are at a particular moment. This is where fish finders come in. Although fish finders have been in use since the 90s, the technology has evolved; what is in the market now is better than Marine electronics back then. You can now find a small portable fish finder with advanced features. Here are a few things you should consider when looking for marine GPS and fish finders.

GPS Combo
Choosing a fish finder with a GPS combo allows you to find areas to fish from. They also record these areas so that you can return in the future. A marine GPS will also keep you safe by helping you pinpoint exactly where you are. The best fishfinders with a GPS combo include the Hummingbird fishfinder, Garmin fish finder, Raymarine fish finder, and the Lowrance fish finder.

Quality and Screen Size
You will want to look out for a screen with a proper resolution and color display. While you certainly do not need an HD resolution, the screen resolution can be the difference between catching fish and allowing it to swim away. The screen size you pick is based on your preference, but with a smaller screen, you will find yourself squinting a lot. Invest in a screen size that can accommodate your eyesight, and you will be good to go.

Depending on where you are and the areas that you will be fishing from, you need to consider how deep the fishfinder can track before you buy it. While the depth is not a measure of quality, it does make a difference depending on where you will be fishing.

You may also want to consider how the fishfinder will track the fish. Tracking can be through down imaging or side imaging. With side imaging, the finder will track fish to the side of the boat while with down imaging, the finder will monitor below the boat. With this info, it will be easy to identify the best fish finder.