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Popular Types of Fishing Reels

Did you know there are more than four types of fishing reels on the market today? Amazing, right? In today’s piece, we shall share more info about these types of fishing reels. We will highlight their strength, specialty, and design. If you are planning to buy a fishing reel, we hope the insight you gain from this piece will help you choose a reel that matches your fishing technique.

Baitcasting Reel
Unlike other types of reels that sit parallel, baitcasting reels are mounted perpendicularly. These specialty reels also handle weighted lines and baits well. They are an excellent choice for anglers that target large fish species. Baitcasting reels also provide superior control and accuracy. That said, you should only go for this reel if you have years of experience. They require more manual control than other types of reels.

Spincast Reels
Spincast reels are designed with beginners in mind because they are easy to use and set up. Anglers with different levels of experience can also use spincast reels. They rarely malfunction and users never complain of line tangles. The popular Shimano reels fall in this category.

Spinning Reels
These reels are easy to use and work well with most fishing lines. They are also designed to hang below, parallel to the fishing pole. They are also user-friendly and can be used by professional or first-time anglers.

Electric Fishing Reels

This is another category of reels that is gaining popularity and for a good reason. They are electrically driven, which means you will not have to do much when catching fish. They are also sturdy and will help you to catch huge fish.

Now that you know a few things about types of reels available on the market, we hope you will make the right decision. And regardless of the reel you chose, make sure it matches your fishing lifestyle.