Automate WeaponDepot Inventory & Order Fulfillment with Flxpoint

Flxpoint is a dropship automation platform designed to help enterprise sellers streamline their ecommerce solutions while maximizing profitability. Integrate popular firearm and gun accessory distributors such as RSR Group, Lipsey’s, Kroll, Sportsman’s Supply and more with your WeaponDepot storefront. Sync all new products from suppliers and automatically route orders to the most profitable fulfillment location. Take the guesswork out of your high-volume orders on WeaponDepot with the ability to customize routing options for online firearm purchases. Click Here To Get Started
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Why Sell on using Flxpoint?

Flxpoint allows online sellers to automate their WeaponDepot e-commerce operations with no coding required. The Flxpoint to WeaponDepot integration supports the following features:
  • Link Listings: If you already sell on WeaponDepot, then take advantage of the Flxpoint Link Listings feature to connect your existing WeaponDepot products with your Flxpoint account. This will save you significant time having to re-list your entire store catalog on WeaponDepot while still providing all the benefits of Flxpoint.
  • Sync Listings: Make sure all of your WeaponDepot product’s pricing, inventory and availability are reflective of what’s actually in-stock with your various fulfillment options.
  • Publish Listings: Automatically publish new products from suppliers on WeaponDepot. Flxpoint will also overwrite any data on your existing products including: product title, description, price, category, part number, UPC, and images.
  • Get Orders: Flxpoint pulls in all your WeaponDepot orders so you can manage everything with one easy to use dashboard.
  • Sync Orders: After an item has been shipped, Flxpoint will automatically send tracking information back to your WeaponDepot customers.
Weapon Depot Partnership with Flxpoint