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Elite shooters and even those not so elite know that you often feed to purchase extra moon clips for your 45 or 357 magnum. When this happens you have a number of choices for your moon clips or half moon clips.. The easy way is to buy them from an online source. The moon clip holder is a great magazine that will hold your rounds and chamber them as you are shooting your firearm. These magazines are easier to load and shoot when you have what is known as a moon clip loader because these moon clips are designed to hold more rounds at the ready for you until it is time to fire them.The 45 ACP moon clips and the moon clips 357 magnum styles are popular. These are designed to fit the firearms and will help you to simply store and fire more shots. When one magazine is unloaded you can simply switch to another one of these moon clips and fire again. These half moon clips are easier to use when you don’t have to place the gun down and reload each of the moon clips after every few shots. The point we are making here is that it never hurts to have more than one moon clip holder for you firearm.

IF you aren’t sure which of these magazines is perfect for your gun, search these terms moon clips, 45 ACP moon clips, moon clip holder, moon clip loader, half moon clips, moon clips 357 magnum and see what pops up for you. Chances are you will find many sources just like ours that are there to help you select the best moon clips for your style of firearm. Feel free to purchase as many of the moon clips as you need so that you can spend more time shooting and less time loading your gun.