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Tactical Belts and Suspenders Available Online

Way back during the pre-Roman era, a belt was used for both religious reasons and to hold garments in place. Perhaps it was the people of ancient Egypt that created the early belt to tie up the tunic and make it a bit cozier to wear. Regardless, the belt has come a long way since that time and is still used today to hold up a person’s pants and to hold tactical gear in place. The modern-day designer belt and the tactical belt may appear to have little in common, but the truth is, they are very similar.

The tactical belt or military belt can be made from a material sometimes called webbing. A web belt is designed to be used to help hold tactical equipment, not just a person’s pants. In fact, you can wear tactical suspenders for the same reason. Suspenders, regardless of if they are duty belt suspenders, military suspenders, or police suspenders, all have the same basic design and use. Having said that, the pockets and things you can attach to tactical suspenders can vary widely. The things you attach to the duty belt suspenders and the tactical belt will depend on what you need to carry and what line of work you are in.

A duty belt can be worn by almost anyone. Some people have a preference in the style of the belt they wear. Some like a web belt or army belt while others like a military belt like a 5.11 belt or a Cobra belt or even a molle belt style. The reason they like a specific belt is as wide and diverse as the people who wear them. Just like other fashions and styles, much of the ‘why’ of the selection process is dependant on personal like and style. The great news is that there are so many types of tactical belts and tactical suspenders to choose from.