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Pepper Spray Available Online

In today’s society, personal protection isn’t for the weak, it is for everyone who is even the slightest bit interested in keeping themselves and their family protected. One of the easiest ways to stay protected is by carrying pepper spray. This spray is most effective when you can spray it and hit your target in the eyes. There is a debate in regards to pepper spray vs mace, however, it often comes down to personal preference. Mace pepper spray and most every pepper spray gun work the same. You simply aim and spray. The mace or pepper gets in the eye of the person doing the assault and causes them to be uncomfortable and can cause temporary blindness.

Start to research the various types of mace spray and pepper sprays and soon you will see that there are many varieties to suit your needs. You can fin capsicum spray, Sabre red, and many more. Once you decide the advantages of pepper spray vs mace you can start to think about which type of mace spray or pepper spray you want to carry. You may want to mix up the pepper sprays and carry more than one. Many people put one in a pocket, one near their bed, and so on. The idea is to have them handy and available when you need them.

Capsicum spray and Sabre red are some of the most sought after sprays on the planet. It seems that everyone except the person who’s eyes they go in loves them. Just remember with all of these pepper sprays and mace spray to check the wind conditions because the last thing you want to do is get it in your own eyes. Having said that, it is easy to avoid doing that as long as you know how to spray it effectively and follow the directions on each container.