Weapon Depot Opens Gun Emoji Domain For  Customers 

Weapon Depot uses new pistol Emoji URL to engage the hunting, camping, and shooting sports industry.  Last year Godaddy announced it build a search engine for Emoji URLs. The site is headed by Tech Developer Jon Roig. The Godaddy site helps customers register Emoji based domain names.  Anyone can pay to own a “.ws” character or combination of characters that are available. The site uses a Punycode like “xn--bw8h.ws” in order to render an Emoji URL in a browser.

Punycode xn--bw8h.ws: The Pistol Emoji

“Emojis are exploding with popularity”, says Founder and CEO, Robert Sirianni, Jr.  “We believe that Weapon Depot owns the top Emoji domain in the Tech universe for the shooting sports industry.”  According to Emoji Tracker, the pistol Emoji is the 103rd most used Emoji on Twitter.  The pistol appears as a green squirt gun on the Apple Keyboard.  On most other keyboards like Android, the pistol emoji appears as a revolver

Currently, the pistol Emoji forwards and re-directs users to www.weapondepot.com.  Anytime a user inserts the pistol Emoji in a browser along with .ws, the domain directs the user to Weapon Depot.  Weapon Depot recently launched a campaign giving away 223 FREE green squirt guns [Giveaway Ended] for users that register on the site.  The pistol Emoji is making Weapon Depot socially engaging for users.

The current use of the pistol Emoji is just the beginning.  Weapon Depot is developing an open source API so all users, including sellers, vendors, customers, and brands, can use the pistol Emoji to market their products on WeaponDepot.com.  “We are building a short code URL tool that allows customers and vendors to create a short code pistol Emoji URL for a product page or brand page”, Sirianni stated.

Weapon Depot is on the cutting edge social commerce and creating tools for businesses to sell more products online. The technology underlying the Emoji short code URL allows customers to create their own URL and share that URL to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.  Weapon Depot enhances the customer experience by allowing customers and vendors to access to the pistol Emoji so freely. “We want to maximize the customer experience; we want to allow brands and vendors to use the pistol Emoji to market their products and information to the shooting sports industry,” added CEO, Robert Sirianni.

Along with the pistol Emoji, Weapon Depot owns several other camping, hunting, and fishing Emoji Domains.  The plan calls for the opening of the pistol Emoji Domain to all Weapon Depot customers and then to create a menu where customer can engage and use all Weapon Depot’s assets inside the short code tool.

Big things are coming. Stay tuned for new developments and the launch of Weapon Depot’s pistol Emoji optimization tool.

Here is a Step by Step instruction guide to using the Pistol Emoji Short Code Tool (Version 1.0).